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What is Conceal?

Conceal provides the ability for individuals to communicate and financially interact with each other in an anonymous and decentralized manner.

Conceal Network is a privacy-preserving network made for De-Fi and encrypted communications. It offers protocol-level private transactions, blockchain deposits and on-chain encrypted messages without any involvement of third parties (institutions/organisations). These unique functionalities make it effortless for everyday users to manage their finances and communicate securely and privately.

(₡CCX), the native coin of Conceal Network, is based on the Cryptonote protocol and runs on a secure peer-to-peer network technology that operates with no central authority. You control the private keys to your funds.

Conceal Network is accessible to anyone in the world regardless of their geographic location or status. Our blockchain is resistant to any kind of analysis. All your ₡CCX transactions and messages are anonymous.

Conceal Network avoids many Bitcoin concerns (e.g. technological, environmental impacts, reputation and security) and is an excellent private alternative store of value.

Privacy Oriented Cryptocurrency

Conceal is an open source, privacy protected, peer-to-peer digital cash system. It's untraceable and completely decentralized, without the need for a central server or trusted parties. Users hold the crypto keys to their own money and transact directly with each other in a secure P2P network environment. It has a decentralized finance system at its core and instant untraceable encrypted messages.

Main Features

Anonymous Banking Encrypted Messages
Deposits form the backbone of the Conceal ecosystem, providing users with an egalitarian form of staking (via Hash-Timelocked-Contracts) that earns interests on locked deposits. Annual interest rates vary from 2.9% to 6% depending on how long you choose to lock your deposit and the amount locked. A true decentralized, anonymous, untraceable, and end-to-end encrypted messaging service that operates on the blockchain while allowing messages that self-destruct.
Anonymous Payments Unlinkable Transactions
Conceal uses ring signatures and one-time addresses for truly anonymous payments Conceal's transactions can not be linked between the sender and the recipient.
Protected Proof Of Work Dynamic Adaptive Limits
Decentralized PoW mining algorithm, Cryptonight-GPU. Cryptonight-GPU (CN_GPU) is an ASIC, Botnet, and FPGA resistant mining algorithm that assures a fair GPU based supported network. Conceal intelligently adjusts its parameters based on the historical data.
Fungible Scalable
Conceal is truly fungible, thanks to built-in privacy features. Just like cash, all coins are equal, changeable. It is extremely unlikely that a coin will ever be blacklisted by any party due to its association in previous transactions. Future scalability initiatives will include a modular sidechain.

Conceal is an open source EXPERIMENTAL project, which means that there is no company behind it. This project is supported by the community, meaning there is no stable, full-time team and no physical headquarters from which the project runs its operations. The advantage here is that anyone can propose changes or improvements to the blockchain, and, if the suggestion is voted by a majority of the community, the changes are then implemented.

This project is a community project, not a commercial product, and it relies on the good will of the volunteers involved.

Conceal is distributed in the hope that it will be useful to people, but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of MERCHANT ABILITY or FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE.

There is no warranty that the coins generated/accrued will be worth anything.

Enjoy it!


Name Ticker Symbol
Conceal CCX
Block Time Decimal Places Transaction Fees
120s 6 0.001 ₡CCX
Mining Algo Difficulty Privacy
Cryptonight-GPU DDA & Zawy's LWMA3 Ring Signatures and One-Time Addresses
Max Supply Banking Deposits Treasury
200M ₡CCX Tier 1: Principal <10,000 (Base APR 2.90%/Max EAR 4.00%) Tier 2: Principal >=10,000-19,999 (Base APR 3.90%/Max EAR 5.00%) Tier 3: Principal >=20,000 (Base ARP 4.00%/Max EAR 6.00%) 8% of the max supply
Messenger Block rewards Address Format
Encrypted Messages and Self Destructive Messages Block rewards are 6 $CCX per block and will remain fixed until the maximum supply of 200M is reached.  Wallet addresses are a string of 98 characters starting with “ccx7”.

Conceal Emission

Conceal coin (₡CCX) emission is generated from two distinct sources:

Proof of Work (PoW) mining. A computer calculation used to create and verify a new group (or block) of trustless transactions on a decentralized ledger (or blockchain). PoW mining creates new ₡CCX currencies by rewarding miners for completing the calculation. 100% of the block reward goes to miners.

Cold Staking (or Banking Deposits). A form of passive interest income generated on a timed deposit and earned when the deposit matures.

The chart below visually details the emission (depicted in red) of the number of coins (on the vertical access) and the time duration (in months) of both PoW mining (depicted in green) and Cold Staking/Banking Deposits (depicted in blue).  

The block reward is fixed at 6 ₡CCX per block until reaching the maximum supply of 200M.  

The compounding interest paid through Cold Staking/Banking Deposits in the main chain will terminate long before achieving the maximum supply of 200M. Existing interest rates will continue for 30 years (or 360 months). Cold Staking/Banking Deposits are intended to be an incentive to keep the circulation supply low. Banking deposits are unique and are described in detail (below).

This emission plan, combined with the maximum supply remaining unchanged at 200M, allows miners to be rewarded for over 100 years and deposits extended for 30 years. 

The whole economic ecosystem (PoW mining​​​​​​​ and Cold Staking/Banking Deposits) was carefully designed to assure an equitable distribution of ₡CCX for generations to come.

For the complete emission table please click here.

Block Rewards

The block reward is fixed at 6 ₡CCX per block until reaching the maximum supply of 200M. Conceal.Network miners get 100% of the PoW mining fees.



Send Receive
0.00100 CCX 0 CCX


Send Permanent Message Self Destructive Message Receiving Encrypted Messages
0.001000 CCX 0.001000 CCX 0 CCX


Deposits Withdrawals
0.001000 CCX 0.001000 CCX

Cold Staking Rewards

Cold Staking is created by an issuance of a Time Locked Contract (TLC).

This contract is a type of transaction that includes an amount to be deposited of ₡CCX, a destination key, and a length of time (expressed in weeks and blocks) to lock. Once the transaction is completed, it contains the field unlock time and output-specific parameters and is included in the blockchain, as usual. When the TLC expires the total transaction amount will be earned (the original amount deposited of ₡CCX along with generated interest). Everything happens privately over the Cryptonote Protocol.

So in layman terms, when you deposit your ₡CCX coins, a TLC contract is created and stored on the blockchain and your ₡CCX coins are locked for the duration you selected. When that block is reached the coins are unlocked and the block creates additional ₡CCX (as much as your deposit generated) in addition to the mining block reward. As an example, lets say the current block reward is 6 ₡CCX and your deposit generated 200 ₡CCX in interest. The block where your deposit matures will generate 206 ₡CCX in total.

Need more information on Conceal-Banking?

Wrapped Conceal ($wCCX)

On the Ethereum ecosystem, Wrapped Conceal ($wCCX) allows the use of a variety of financial instruments already available in DeFi, like decentralized trading on Uniswap and other DEX'es. It allows $wCCX users to create leveraged stable coin trades as a yield aggregator for lending platforms that re-balance for the highest yield during contract interaction (supported stable coins include, $DAI $USDC $USDT $TUSD). In addition, $wCCX allows users to offer Liquidity Pools (know as LPs) to earn additional interest on their yield-bearing tokens, where traders can even create leveraged positions. 

The majority of Ethereum DeFi project tokens are created through a smart contract and only provide an incentive for Ethereum miners to participate (because you swap your PoW earned $ETH for any DeFi project token). The introduction of $wCCX allows Conceal Network miners to also have the same ability, to use their PoW earned $CCX to open the door to an array of DeFi tools offered from the Ethereum ecosystem.   

Click here for more information on wCCX!


Our community treasury is 8% of the maximum supply. Every quarter (3 months), a settlement of 400K ₡CCX is released to cover project needs. In order to unlock funds and have them available in the project wallet, a manual process is used. This method provides the highest level of transparency by giving the ability for anyone to verify funds in the project wallet at anytime.

Deposits must be unlocked manually, because they use private keys (just like any normal Cryptonote transaction) and can't be automatized. Each time funds are unlocked to the project main wallet there is a corresponding image to a hash key. Any deposit amounts moved from the locked reserve to the project wallet are therefore verifiable by hash keys.

In addition, the unlock transaction list is then made public and available using our explorer (available here: ) and can be audited by anyone, anywhere, at any time.

Conceal Network uses the real Cryptonote, the original. All supplies are verifiable in the chain using the available block-chain tools. Any address can prove its balance with private BP keys. Any transaction can have a payment proof using private secret keys.

You don't need to trust the team. Trust the open source code which can be verified and is published here:

The treasury belongs to the community, as this is a community project. The team only serves as stewards of the treasury as they manage the project.

Through collaboration, anyone can earn ₡CCX by helping the project grow and evolve. In fact, the Conceal Wiki was made by community members and they were paid in ₡CCX for creating and maintaining it.

People can also get a ₡CCX grant by applying to ₡CCX Labs. This ₡CCX grant helps run their own projects in the Conceal Network environment. Labs funded projects are on-going and voted on by the community and are funded by ₡CCX treasury.

Our focus is to be as transparent as possible.

Unlock dates for the Community´s Treasury Reserve Fund:


Main Unit:*1.000000 CCX = 1,000.000 CX = 1,000,000 X

Point Unit: 1.000000 X = 0.001 CX = 0.000001 CCX

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