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Block Rewards

The Conceal Network community unanimously voted and adopted to radically redefine the block rewards emission model. Conceal Network successfully hardforked on December 18, 2020 at fork block is 661300 to make this happen.

The mining block reward was effectively cut in half to 6 $CCX per block and will remain fixed until the maximum supply of 200M is reached. The original emission equilibrium design between coins minted through cold staking and coins mined by PoW will remain unchanged for now. 

Making $CCX more scarce, with an immediate cut to the minimum block reward of 6 $CCX, will help with future price stability and remove any needless inflation. 

The project aim has remained unchanged. The focus continues to be on decentralization and the proper thing to do is make changes that support this goal. We want to give back the network to small miners and provide an environment that fosters fair distributed PoW mining for more than 100 years.

PoW Algorithm - Cryptonight-GPU

Miners are very important to us.

Conceal Network implemented the Cryptonight-GPU mining algorithm, developed by Psychocrypt and Fireice_uk.

Cryptonight-GPU (CN_GPU) is an ASIC, Botnet, and FPGA resistant mining algorithm that assures a fair GPU based supported network.

CN_GPU relies primarily on GPU core compute performance and is the first mining algorithm that is specifically designed to use floating point math at a single-precision (FP32).

Floating-point operations per second (or Flops), represent just how many computations (additions and multiplications) can be handled per second by a GPU. FP32 refers to the level of accuracy of those numbers (and is the number format).

A CPU generally consists of 4 to 8 CPU cores, while a GPU generally consists of hundreds of smaller cores. Since ASIC, Botnet, and FPGA builds rely on specialized low memory CPU computation, a mining algorithm based around GPU core compute performance renders them unprofitable.

GPU performance with the CN_GPU mining algorithm relies on physical core count and its clock in Mhz, making AMD and Nvidia GPUs very similar in performance.

The goal of the CN_GPU mining algorithm is to assure fair GPU mining:

  • AMD and NVIDIA GPU lineups are equalized
  • Low-end and high-end GPUs are measured based on core compute performance (Flops performance)
  • To eliminate any CPU and Botnet mining advantage
  • To force ASIC or FPGA design to be cost-prohibitive

Mining And Miners

This algorithm is mineable using both CPU as well as GPU, however it heavily favors GPU. Mining applications are available for CPU, NVIDIA and AMD GPUs. The following list of miners are known to work with our algorithm.

Miner Algorithm
XMR-Stak cryptonight_gpu
CryptoGoblin cryptonight_gpu
XMRig cn/gpu
Miner Algorithm
SRBMiner cryptonight_gpu
Miner Algorithm
CryptoDredge cngpu

Pick your favorite mining software from the above list and get ready to configure the miner. If you have not used any of these miners before then we recommend you to go through this beginners guide.

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