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Block Rewards

Our block reward model uses an innovative approach - block rewards starts small but increases with time.

At the beginning, every block-chain has a small number of transactions per day and the block data is still a small file but with time the network will grow and the data size will go up. The mining effort will be bigger and more miners will be needed to keep it running sound and safe.

To fairly reward the mining effort we will start with 5 CCX per block and increase it by 0.25 CCX every month until we reach 20 CCX per block (max reward in 5 years time).

Mining And Miners

This algorithm is mineable using both CPU as well as GPU. Mining applications are available for CPU, NVIDIA and AMD GPUs. The following list of miners are known to work with our algorithm.

Miner Algorithm
XMR-Stak cryptonight_conceal
CryptoGoblin cryptonight_conceal
CPU Mining
Miner Algorithm
XMRigCC cryptonight - variant: conceal
XMRig (Modified) cn/conceal
Miner Algorithm
Team Red Miner (TRM) cn_conceal
SRBMiner conceal
Miner Algorithm
CryptoDredge cnconceal

Pick your favorite mining software from the above list and get ready to configure the miner. If you have not used any of these miners before then we recommend you to go through this beginners guide.

Conceal Mining Pools