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Wrapped Conceal ($wCCX) is just a representation of ₡CCX on any of the available bridged ecosystems — a tokenized ₡CCX. Exactly one $wCCX will always represent (or equal) one ₡CCX.

The majority of Ethereum DeFi project tokens are created through a smart contract and only provide an incentive for Ethereum miners and Hodlers to participate (because you swap your $ETH for any DeFi project token).

The introduction of $wCCX allows Conceal Network miners or Hodlers to also have the same ability, to use their ₡CCX to participate in an array of DeFi tools and projects available in the bridged ecosystems.

The highlight of $wCCX is the ability to provide an untraceable gateway to and from these ecosystems to the Conceal Network ecosystem. Conceal will be the first Cryptonote coin to build a bridge to multiple networks. Holders of $wCCX will be able to move from traceable ecosystem tokens to untraceable ₡CCX.

Bridged ecosystem options include:

  • Ethereum - $wCCX Total Supply 500k
  • Binance Smart Chain - $wCCX Total Supply 350k
  • Polygon (formerly $Matic) - $wCCX Total Supply 500k

Currently, the supply of $wCCX in each ecosystem will equal the amount of ₡CCX deposited in each swapping wallet. To verify, go to the ₡CCX swapping wallet ( and click Verify and select the specific ecosystem.

The maximum supply of $wCCX will never exceed the maximum supply of the original Conceal Network emission, 200M.

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