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Wallets are simply a secure way to access your activity stored on the vast distributed Conceal.Network blockchain. Each wallet created has a unique address and private keys that belongs to the user that created the wallet. As long as your wallet is backed up properly, you will always be able to access your activity, even in the event of a computer hardware failure or you lose access to your personal computer.

Think of it like Gmail, where all you need to access your account is a browser and your username and password. You don't technically store the emails yourself, you simply access the emails that belong to your account.

Conceal.Network offers several wallet options:

  • RPC Wallet (Walletd) | Service Wallet
  • Command Line Wallet (CLI)
  • Desktop Wallet (GUI)
  • Lite Wallet
  • Web Wallet
  • Mobile Wallet
  • Paper Wallet

Each wallet comes with a unique address and private keys and the 25 word mnemonic seed. These provide the ability to restore your wallet.

The following guide will provide an overview and setup up for each wallet. If you have any additional questions, comments or issues, please contact us at:



RPC Wallet (Walletd) | Service Wallet

The Conceal RPC Wallet (walletd) is an HTTP server which provides a JSON 2.0 RPC interface for integration of payment operations and address management.

Walletd is the perfect wallet to use in exhanges, pools or any multiuser service.

Download To start the integration process you should first download the latest Conceal RPC Wallet for your operating system. You can get the latest version on our releases page. Current operating support is limited to Windows x64, Ubuntu 16.04, Ubuntu 18.04 LTS, Ubuntu 20.04, ARM, ARM64, and macOS. Alternatively, you may also build RPC Wallet from the source code.

Getting Started For instructions on getting started with your RPC wallet please follow this guide. It covers creating a new wallet container .

Command Line Wallet (CLI)

The command line wallet is a wallet that requires you to enter commands for it to work. The CLI wallet, as the command line wallet is known, is the most stable of all the wallets, and is available for most major platforms. The only limitation is that deposits and investments are only supported on the GUI wallet.

Current Version: 6.4.5

MacOS | Ubuntu 16.04 | Ubuntu 18.04 | Ubuntu 20.04 | Windows 64 | ARM32 (6.3.0)

Source Code

Desktop wallet (GUI)

Most users prefer to use a wallet with a graphical user interface (GUI). The Desktop Wallet is available for Windows, Ubuntu, and macOS. With the Desktop wallet, you can use every feature of the Conceal Cryptocurrency, including Deposits and Investments.

Current Version: 6.4.4

MacOS | Ubuntu 16.04 | Ubuntu 18.04 | Ubuntu 20.04 | Windows 64

Source Code

Wallet Installation

Navigate to your download folder and extract the ZIP file. Run ccx-setup.exe and click Next in the Welcome window.

Choose Install location and click Next.

Choose Start Menu Folder and click Next.

Click Finish to complete Conceal Wallet setup.

Keep in mind! If you're using Avast Antivirus (or any other antivirus software) ccx-setup.exe file could be recognized as potentially harmful.

Although it is a false positive, your antivirus software can move the file to quarantine and/or send it for examination. If this happens, just follow your antivirus software's instructions and wait until you receive an email/notification that everything is okay.

Creating a new Wallet

Run Conceal Wallet by double clicking the Conceal Wallet icon on your desktop.


Choose location for your wallet file and set the wallet name. Click Save.

Congratulations, your first Conceal wallet is almost ready! Just leave it running until it syncs with the block-chain.

Note: If the syncing doesn't start, close the wallet and reopen it. A popup will appear asking you to add exception to your firewall. After you confirm the exception, wallet will load and syncing will start.

When you synchronize the wallet with the block-chain, you store the block-chain locally and thus support the network. If you don't want to download the entire block-chain, you can also connect to a remote node. Note that when you connect to a remote node, additional transaction fees may apply.

To connect to remote node, click Settings and select Connection Settings. Select Automatic Remote Node, click SAVE and close the window.

You're all set now. The wallet should sync and be ready to use in a couple of minutes.

Wallet Backup

Backing up your CCX wallet is of extreme importance! If your hardware fails or you lose access to your computer, restoring wallet from a backup is the only way to regain access to your funds.

Click Wallet and select Backup Wallet

Click SHOW SEED and copy and/or write down your 25 word mnemonic seed.

Keep your mnemonic seed safe! If you lose it, your wallet cannot be restored and your funds are permanently lost! Additionally, you can also export your private keys and GUI key to restore your wallet from.

Wallet Encryption

Wallet encryption is an additional layer of security for your funds. If you encrypt your wallet, you need a password to gain access to it and to make transactions.

Click Wallet and select Encrypt Wallet.

Enter a password and click SAVE.

Click here to learn more about wallet security.

Wallet Import

Example of restoring any Conceal wallet with your Private Keys.

In this example, we will use a wallet that was originally created in Conceal Cloud. 

In order to export your keys in Conceal Cloud, you must first enable 2FA in Settings. Once enabled, select the key icon from the wallet you want to export keys from (example below). 

You will be prompted to enter your 2FA code. Once entered your keys will be viewable to you.

You can copy your Public Key, Private Spend Key and Private View Key or Download A File and save locally or on a backup device (below). Be careful to notice the order of these keys.

Once you have your keys, you can proceed to the next step, to import this wallet into the Conceal Desktop GUI wallet. 

To import a wallet into the Conceal Desktop GUI you will first need to install the latest version from here Conceal Wallets. In this example, we will use the Windows version to import the wallet created in Conceal Cloud (above). Once the Conceal Desktop GUI wallet is installed, navigate to the page below and select “IMPORT PRIVATE KEYS”.

Enter both your Private Spend Key and Private View Key that you previously backed up. Again, pay close attention to which keys you are entering from the previous wallet.

For the Wallet Path, save the new wallet to a location of your choice. In this example, we will name the wallet “Conceal_Example”. You can then select Save. 

You can now select IMPORT.

Your new Conceal Desktop GUI wallet will begin Synchronizing. Please be patient while this occurs. 

Notice, the Wallet Address (top right) is exactly the same as the wallet that was created in Conceal Cloud. 

Lite wallet

The Conceal Lite Wallet application is powered by Conceal Cloud and offers users a simple and secure option to store your $CCX. The wallet includes an easy to read dashboard that will showcase your Portfolio, Market Data and Your Wallets. You can easily view your transactions, contacts, private messages and settings.

The Conceal Lite Wallet integrates several Conceal features including Conceal-API Javascript/Node.js interface (RPC/API) and Conceal-Cloud Wallet service/infrastructure.

Functions include enable/disable 2fa, reset password and notifications of new transactions/messages. Futures updates will include multiple languages and Conceal Network’s signature cold staking option.

Conceal Lite Wallet releases include a Windows, Linux and MacOS version.

Web wallet

Conceal.Cloud is a privacy-protected online interface that allows users to access conceal's decentralized finance blockchain through any platform in a simple manner (it only requires a basic browser). At the moment we have the basic wallet features working and we are setting up the privacy protected time-locked smart contracts handler that will allow full access to the banking features available (deposits & investments). We will keep adding features in the future. Stay tuned.

Creating a Web wallet

Visit to sign up. Enter a user name, email and choose password then click SIGN UP.

You will receive a confirmation email to activate your Conceal Cloud Account. Click the link in the email and you're all set to go.

Log in at


Confirm popup. Congratulations! You have successfully created your first CCX wallet!

Now let's take care of some additional security. Click SETTINGS and enable 2FA to secure your account.

Scan QR code with your phone app.

Enter 2FA key the app generated and click ENABLE.

Now that your Conceal Cloud account is secured, return to Dashboard and export your wallet's private keys.

Enter 2FA from your phone app and click GET WALLET KEYS.

Write down your keys and keep them in a safe place! If you lose them your CCX can not be recovered!


You can add your Conceal Cloud web wallet to your Home Screen.

1. Navigate to your Conceal Cloud Dashboard ( on Safari and tap the Share button at the bottom of the browser:

2. Scroll to the “Add to Home Screen” option in the menu and tap it:

Mobile wallet

A mobile wallet that connects to Conceal Network through Conceal Cloud. Uses the cloud features and enables the users to easily manage their funds and make and receive payments anywhere and anytime.

Creating a Mobile wallet

Find a conceal native wallet installation on Google play.

Enter a user name, email and choose password then click SIGN UP.

You will receive a message for confirmation email to activate your Conceal Mobile Account.

Click the link here in the email and you're all set to go.

Login into your mobile account.


Congratulations! You have successfully created your first mobile CCX wallet!

You can generate as many wallets as you want by clicking + button at top right corner.

Now let's take care of some additional security. Click SETTINGS and enable 2FA to secure your account.

Log in at

Click SETTINGS and enable 2FA to secure your account.

Scan QR code with your phone app.

Enter 2FA key the app generated and click ENABLE.

Now that your Conceal Cloud account is secured, return to Mobile wallet Dashboard and export your wallet's private keys.

Export private keys

Enter your mobile wallet and click on wallet icon.

You get a list of all of your wallets. Click EXPORT for each wallet on the list and save your private keys if possible to offline disk.

Address Book

Click on book icon on dashboard

All your contacts are listed here. You can DELETE (1), EDIT (2) or ADD new contact by pressing + button (3)

Add new contact

Click + button to get create address window. You can add new address by clicking SCAN QR or enter it manually.

Enter label for the address… : Contact name or anything that will help you find the contact Enter the address…: CCX address of your contact Enter the Payment id: Payment id is optional

Paper wallet

If you only want to receive funds, then all you need is a paper wallet. You will not be able to send or spend funds until you use one of the three wallets above. You can create a paper wallet here. The Paper wallet will give you a wallet address and your private keys. Always take whatever steps you can to keep your keys and funds safe and secure!

concealxwallet commands


address              Show current wallet public address
balance              Show current wallet balance
bc_height            Show blockchain height
exit                 Close wallet
help                 Show this help
incoming_transfers   Show incoming transfers
list_transfers       Show all known transfers
payments             payments <payment_id_1> [<payment_id_2> ... <payment_id_N>] - Show payments <payment_id_1>, ... <payment_id_N>
reset                Discard cache data and start synchronizing from the start
save                 Save wallet synchronized data
set_log              set_log <level> - Change current log level, <level> is a number 0-4
start_mining         start_mining [<number_of_threads>] - Start mining in daemon
stop_mining          Stop mining in daemon
transfer             transfer <mixin_count> <addr_1> <amount_1> [<addr_2> <amount_2> ... <addr_N> <amount_N>] [-p payment_id] [-f fee] - 
Transfer <amount_1>,... <amount_N> to <address_1>,... <address_N>, respectively. <mixin_count> is the number of transactions yours is 
indistinguishable from (from 0 to maximum available)

concealxd (daemon) commands


exit            Shutdown the daemon
help            Show this help
hide_hr         Stop showing hash rate
print_bc        Print blockchain info in a given blocks range, print_bc <begin_height> [<end_height>]
print_block     Print block, print_block <block_hash> | <block_height>
print_cn        Print connections
print_pl        Print peer list
print_pool      Print transaction pool (long format)
print_pool_sh   Print transaction pool (short format)
print_stat      Print statistics, print_stat <nothing=last> | <block_hash> | <block_height>
print_tx        Print transaction, print_tx <transaction_hash>
set_log         set_log <level> - Change current log level, <level> is a number 0-4
show_hr         Start showing hash rate
start_mining    Start mining for specified address, start_mining <addr> [threads=1]
stop_mining     Stop mining