Decentralized Banking

Private, Secure & Untraceable.

What's Conceal?

Conceal Network is a decentralized banking platform with own privacy protected cryptocurrency and encrypted messenger service.

Conceal is based on the cryptonote protocol and runs on a secure peer-to-peer network, accessible by anyone in the world regardless of geographic location or status.

Conceal is open-source, community driven and truly decentralized. No one owns it, everyone can take part. We are a community of individuals not a private company. We are not funded through any capital nor ICO. The continuous research & development is supported by an initial premine only (6% of maximum supply deliberated by community consensus).

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Banking: Deposits & Investments

Deposits form the backbone of the Conceal ecosystem, providing users with an egalitarian form of staking that earns interests on locked deposits. Conceal Investments provide higher interest returns for longer term holders.

Encrypted Messenger

A true decentralized, anonymous, untraceable, and end-to-end encrypted messaging service that operates on the blockchain while allowing messages that self-destruct. Future releases will include web and mobile messaging applications.



The transactions in the Conceal Network use a minimum level of ring signatures to obfuscate the origins and destinations of all transactions, ensuring they are untraceable and unlinkable.


Conceal's blockchain uses the Cryptonight-Fast Proof-of-Work algorithm for its distributed peer-to-peer consensus network to maintain the integrity of the blockchain and ensure its immutability.


Conceal is truly privacy protected at the protocol level and unlike some other cryptocurrencies adding transparency is not optional. Funds on the blockchain cannot be discriminated against under any circumstance.

Low Fees

Conceal's blockchain platform removes intermediaries and operates on low transaction fees to minimize transaction costs. Transaction costs are kept low with a static fee per transaction, not by block size.


The decentralized platform allows fast transactions, high transaction throughput and quick transaction confirmations.

Block Rewards

Conceal's block reward model uses an innovate approach. The block reward increases overtime as the blockchain network grows, compensating our miners for additional network participation.



Deposits 1.0

A deposit system that generates interest when locking CCX down for a specific term. Interest is released at the end of the deposit term.

ASIC Resistance

Switch to the Cryptonight-Fast protocol developed by Masari to secure against malicious network attacks, while maintaining the balance between the CPU and GPU miners.

Encrypted Messenger 1.0

Send and recieve encrypted messages using the blockchain from the GUI Wallet with support for self-destructing and large messages.


Implemented the algorithm that is one of the best to combat hasrate based attacks on the network, providing speed of response and network stability.

GUI Redesign

A new improved GUI wallet redesigned from scratch and offering better privacy protection, deposits, encrypted messages, market information, price charts, and pool earnings.

Investments 1.0

With the addition of the Investments module, Conceal users will be able to earn additional interest when they stake more funds for longer.

Deposits 2.0

An upgraded deposits module will allow additional granularity and a new interest rate scheme will replace the existing flat rate.

One-Click Miner

A simple one-click miner that supports GPU and CPU mining. All the user will need to do is enter an address, select a pool and click Start.


Fortress Update

The fortress update is an ongoing initiative to improve the privacy of the network while maintaining network speed and performance.

Web Wallet

The first step to mass adoption and the backend nessecary for the development of the mobile wallets, is the introduction of client-side and server-side web wallets..


P2P Lending Platform

A sidechain to provide a p2p decentralized loans for a one-time fee and using credited party’s cryptocurrency as security for the term of the loan.

Atomic Swaps

Decentralized Atomic Swaps to enable cross-chain exchange avoiding third party risks from the Conceal Wallet.

Block Bonuses/Penalties

Another layer of protection against attacks on the network by introducing a penalty and bonus system in response to sudden increases and then drops in network hashrate.


Conceal will implement the aliasing protocol to simplify aliasing for users unfamiliar with cryptocurrency while keeping it private, decentralized, and secure.

DIRA - Dynamic Interest Rate Adjustment

The protocol will adjust interest rate dynamically based on several network factors such as deposits and investment penetratation, and current supply to reduce inflationary risks.

Getting Conceal


Using Conceal

The Conceal Wallet

The Conceal GUI Wallet is the central point of interaction of all the features of the currency. With the wallet, you can send and receive CCX, send and recieve encrypted secure messages, manage your deposits and investments. The wallet is available for all major platforms: Windows x64, Ubuntu, macOS and Arch Linux.



The easiest way to mine Conceal is with the built-in miner in the GUI Wallet. For mining with GPU's use one of the many miners that support Cryptonight-Fast or use our upcoming Conceal Miner.


Official Pool 0%
Herominers 0.9%
BlueRockPools 0.5%
SCECF 0.4%
GoMine-it! 0.5%
Modpool 1%
Thors Hammer 0.25%