Branding the Blockchain



Our aim is for Conceal to be ubiquitious and we realize that public keys are hard to remember and recognize. With Conceal ID we aim to solve the problem by enabling memorable and recognizable names to be used as addresses.

Built with the security of OpenID

There is not always a good reason to reinvent the wheel. We carefully chose the proven and widely utilized OpenID protocol to power Conceal ID.

Built on the power of the Conceal Cloud

Conceal ID is seamlessly integrated with the Conceal Cloud for absolute ease of use.

Share your Conceal ID

Send us some CCX at - it works! Easily share your custom, memorable and recognizable Conceal ID with anyone.

Easily receive payments

Your Conceal ID makes it simpler to accept donations or payments from customers and friends.

Built for integration

Built with an API for integration with your favorite platform or app.

Disclaimer: The Conceal team has reserved certain IDs for official use. Please check that the ID is on the reserved list before trusting anyone claiming to represent Conceal.