Pending Balance

On occasion, you may notice that part of your wallet balance is temporarily unavailable and cannot be spent. 

As you may know, there is no such thing as an account balance in a blockchain, the same is true for Conceal. Instead, each wallet consists of inputs and outputs, commonly referred to as UTXOs. Because of these UTXOs that your wallet will accumulate when receiving CCX, when you try to send a particular amount at a later time, your transaction will be split in outgoing and change amounts.

Here is an example, assuming Alice has a UTXO of 100 CCX.


Alice has 100 CCX and sends 50 to Bob

A Transaction of 100 CCX is registered in the blockchain mempool

The UTXO is split and 50 coins is sent to Bob and 50 coins is sent to Alice as change


Conceal Network requires 10 confirmations for this change to be accepted and in the meantime that amount gets locked in your wallet and will show up as pending.

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